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Your Pediatric Dentist in Delafield, WI

At Delafield Family Dental in Delafield, WI, we know that there are several things to consider when choosing your child’s dentist. You want a professional who will be gentle and thorough, and who has a friendly and inviting personality. Most of all, you just want to relax knowing that your family is in good hands.

As a mom of three children under the age of six, Dr. Kelly understands, and she’s gone out of her way to set up a kid-friendly environment to make visiting the dentist fun!

Our Friendly Atmosphere
Kids love visiting our office. Our cozy waiting area feels like your family living room, complete with a fireplace, television and big, comfortable couches. We have a special kid’s area, stocked with books and toys, plus a treasure chest!

Of course, our main attraction is Oscar, our pet fish! Oscar has many admirers, and he is known to show his appreciation with a friendly nibble on your finger—his way of saying hello. If you’re timing is right, you might even get to feed him!

We Just “Get” Kids
Dr. Kelly has a special way with children. She meets them at their level and makes them feel downright excited to be at the dentist. In fact, recently a young girl visited our office for five fillings. On her way out, she exclaimed, “This was the best dentist visit I’ve ever had!”

At Delafield Family Dental, we do everything we can—from blowing up latex gloves like balloons, to giving really awesome prizes to reward good patients—to keep things light-hearted and fun. And as a leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, Dr. Kelly has no shortage of ideas to help children feel at ease.

Early Education for a Lifetime of Oral Health
One of the most rewarding aspects of pediatric dentistry is encouraging young people to take care of their teeth from an early age. Dr. Kelly is a stickler for preventative oral healthcare, and she is honored to teach the children in Lake Country how to take care of their smiles.

“I deal with little ones all the time. You have to practice patience and know how to relate to them. I’m thankful that it helps me better care for younger people. I get to educate them about the importance of dental health and witness their budding personalities.”

Excellent Care From the Heart
Dr. Kelly feels so passionately about pediatric oral health, that she donates time to Give Kids a Smile®, a charitable organization that provides dental care to underserved populations.

“At Delafield Family Dental, your family is our family.
My staff likes to jump around with my patients and really have fun.
What we’re doing is from the bottom of our hearts—we’re here to
prove that going to the dentist can be enjoyable!”

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